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Kilts for Men

Kilts for Men

Those in search of kilts for men are cautioned to brush up on their “kilt history” and proper Highland dress etiquette before venturing out to the big event in your new Scottish Attire. First of all, what exactly is a “kilt”?   Here is a definition for you:

kilt (k lt) n.
1. A knee-length skirt with deep pleats, usually of a tartan wool, worn as part of the dress for men in the Scottish Highlands.
2. A similar skirt worn by women, girls, and boys.
tr.v. kilt·ed, kilt·ing, kilts
To tuck up (something) around the body [From kilt, to tuck up, from Middle English kilten, of Scandinavian origin .]

Kilt Origins

As for the history, the Highland Scots emigrated from Ireland around 375 ce.  They brought with them their native Irish dress, which include the “brat” – which in time is thought to have morphed into what became very close to the kilt in the 1600′s.  What we think of as kilts for men today was supposedly invented in 1725 by an Englishman, Thomas Rawlinson, who was very fond of the Highland dress.  Owning an ironworks in Scotland, he saw the existing dress as dangerous and modified it by removing all of the material above the waist and adding additional tailoring to that below.

Kilt Etiquette

A few kilt “do’s and don’ts” may be in order as there are common dressing mistakes made by many first-time kilt donners.  Kilts for men should always have the pleats in the back and the hem should rest around the middle of the kneecap.  A common mistake is pulling the socks too high.  They should be about two to three fingers below the knee.  The Sporran is the item that is worn around the waist and it actually serves to hold the gentlemen’s wallet and protect his modesty.  Therefore, it should be worn centrally and cover the crotch.  Belts and buckles are optional but should not be worn with a Prince Charlie jacket.

Finally, and most importantly, take the leap.  Grab your first kilt or your tenth and get out there and set yourself apart from the crowd – in a good way.